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bubbly adj
1 emitting or filled with bubbles as from carbonation or fermentation; "bubbling champagne"; "foamy (or frothy) beer" [syn: bubbling, foaming, foamy, frothy, effervescing]
2 full of or showing high spirits; "bright bubbly children"; "a bubbly personality" n : a white sparkling wine either produced in Champagne or resembling that produced there [syn: champagne] [also: bubbliest, bubblier]

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  • /ˈbʌbli/, /"bVbli/


  1. Full of bubbles.
    Whip the egg white into a bubbly froth.
  2. Cheerful, lively.
    She has a bubbly personality.


  1. Champagne.
    We're getting married - this calls for a bottle of bubbly!


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"Bubbly" is a popfolk-popacoustic song written by American singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat and Jason Reeves for Caillat's debut album, Coco (2007). Released as the album's lead single in May 2007, the song was produced by Colbie's father, Ken Caillat.

Track listing

  1. "Bubbly" – 3:16
  2. "Circles" – 3:54
  3. "Magic" (Piano Version)- 3:17
  4. "Bubbly" (Acoustic Version)-3:35

Music video

The song's music video, directed by Liz Friedlander, receives heavy plays on MTV, VH1 and CMT, which is Caillat's main promotional source, other than her MySpace web page. This video has been viewed on YouTube over 21 million times.


Billboard said that "the warm vocals along with a gentle acoustic arrangement effortlessly conjure the idyllic California she calls home".
In Australia—where "Bubbly" was used in a promotional video for Seven Network's soap opera Home and Away—, it was a huge success, reaching number one on the ARIA Top 50 Singles Chart. It also fared well in New Zealand, where the single reached number six on the composite singles chart. On the issue date of October 6, 2007, "Bubbly" rose from number sixteen to number ten on the Billboard Hot 100, later ascending to number five where it was locked for seven weeks. Moreover, it spent fourteen weeks atop the Hot Adult Top 40 Tracks as well as eighteen weeks atop the Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks. "Bubbly" gained popularity in Canada as well, as radio stations followed the lead of Montreal's CJFM-FM, which had been the first Canadian radio station to play the song. It peaked at number two for three weeks on the Canadian Hot 100. It also reached number nine on CMT Canada's Chevy Cross Canada Countdown, despite not being prominently a country song.


The song appears in the international soundstrack to the Brazilian soap opera Sete Pecados, where was played every chapter.the soap opera had finished and the divulgation on Brazil too.



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